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What you can and can’t put in a skip (and why)

After a year like 2020, many of us time at home. Not only that but in some cases, many have found themselves having more non-working time. Understandably, many of us have ended up doing DIY projects or clearing out the rubbish and waste from our homes.
If this situation sounds familiar, you may have considered hiring a skip.

But what exactly can you place in a skip, and what items are not allowed in a skip and must therefore be disposed of a different way?

A skip can hold almost anything…

First of all, the good news – if you’re thinking of hiring a skip from us, nearly any waste or unwanted items that you’ll have in mind is likely to be suitable for putting in a skip.

That means it’ll be fine to put general domestic and garden waste in one, not to mention non-electrical fixtures and fittings, and even carpet, sofas and other furniture.

Skips can safely hold all manner of materials that may constitute waste for a given person who hires one. That might include the likes of cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, soil and bricks.

However, it’s also crucial to ensure you have the right type and size of skip for the waste you’d like to get rid of. Here at Able Skip Hire, we offer everything from two-ton mini skips to 16-cubic-yard open and enclosed skips and naturally, these skips are suited to different purposes.

For example, if you’re simply carrying out a room or shed clearance, or a small DIY job, a mini skip could be just the thing for containing the relatively modest amount of waste generated by this process.

But for those of you who’re undertaking a complete house clearance or a large excavation project at a property, something like an eight-ton maxi skip might represent a better solution. After all, the latter is the go-to skip amongst builders and construction firms as it’s capable of holding seven cubic yards of waste, including larger and bulkier items such as three-piece suites.

…but it can’t hold absolutely anything

Unfortunately, as wonderfully versatile as skips can be, it’s not permissible for them to hold anything and everything. For example, we refuse to accept certaon items in our skips, including tyres, refrigerators, freezers, asbestos roofing sheets, unsealed oil, or paint cans.

There are various reasons why these items are prohibited. Tyres, for instance, are just too cumbersome for skip hire companies to process as waste. Indeed, the European Union (EU) ‘s landfill directive has long made it illegal for tyres to be sent to landfill. So, we’d advise you to look up your nearest tyre collection firm instead, or even request that the tyre fitter or garage disposes of your old, unwanted tyres for you.

As for electrical equipment and appliances such as fridges and freezers, these are not suitable for placement in skips. Therefore, we would urge you to find out where your local WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling centres are located.

One of the broad ‘rules of thumb’ for what can and cannot place in a skip is that if the waste in question can be classified as hazardous, you won’t be able to depend on a skip to get rid of it. This explains why fuel, solvent and paints are ‘no-nos’ for a skip, as local skip hire specialists won’t have the proper licences and skills to handle and process such hazardous waste.

So, if paints, solvent or fuel are among the waste you wish to dispose of, you’ll have to seek out an appropriately licensed disposal facility near you.

Last but not least, on the list of items we don’t accept in our skips is asbestos. You may have heard of some of the dreadful and tragic news stories about the potential health consequences of coming into contact with asbestos. If you have, then you’ll know just how important it is not to place asbestos in a skip.

While Able Skip Hire has expertise in this area, we can provide transport and disposal facilities for removing bonded or fibrous asbestos waste material. However, this is a different service of ours, and one that is compliant with all present Environment Agency legislation. Asbestos should definitely not be placed in our skips.

Please also consider the need to avoid overloading any skip you hire; if you fill your skip excessively, you may find that excess waste may be removed or an extra charge applied.

If you need to book a skip to clear waste that may have accumulated in and around your home during the lockdown period, simply call 0800 037 7057, and we will be pleased to provide you with a competitive quote for skip hire in Lancashire.

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