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Useful Christmas Recycling Tips

The Christmas holiday season is known for its excess: ample time spent with family, piles of presents, and plentiful foos through to New Year’s Day and beyond. Unfortunately, all of that joyous celebrating leads to a ton of waste. This year, give the environment a gift by trying out a few of these useful recycling tips.


1. Do your nearest and dearest love getting a greeting card from you each year? Choose cards that are made from recycled materials or go entirely paper-free with e-cards.

2. Through Christmas Eve, you’ll make multiple shopping trips. Every time you throw out a paper or plastic bag, it ends up at a landfill. Do the environment a favor by bringing along a few reusable shopping bags. This will allow you to avoid the new plastic bag charges. If you can’t avoid using a bag from the shop, make sure you recycle it once you’ve got home.

3. Consider wrapping alternatives that create much less waste than wrapping paper and gift bags. Can’t find a creative way to package your gifts? Look for wrapping paper and gift bags that are made from recyclable materials. Once everyone’s torn open their presents, add all of the paper (including decorations and tape) to the paper recycling bin.

Remember, items made from recycled materials aren’t the same as items that can be recycled. Look for materials that say they’re recyclable.

4. Decorate your home and add embellishments to your gift wrap with natural objects, like dried flowers and evergreens. When you’re finished with them, add them to your compost heap or add then to your brown recycling bin.

5. Plenty of electronics run on batteries, but many don’t actually come with the batteries included. Buy rechargeable batteries to cut down on waste. Don’t forget to pick up a battery charger, too!

6. Upgrading your Christmas lights? If your old ones still work well, donate them to a local charity. If they’re broken, find a drop-off centre that recycles bulbs. When you’re not home, unplug the lights to save on energy costs and make the bulbs last longer.

7. Most people leave their dying Christmas tree by the dustbin, but did you know that you can recycle it responsibly? Find a local recycling centre that will pick up and compost your Christmas tree for you. Ask if they’ll take the tree as is or if you need to cut it in half. Double check that all decorations are removed and make sure to not put the tree in a bag. Keep in mind that you cannot recycle a tree that’s been painted or adorned with glitter.

8. When hosting a holiday meal, look for items that have minimal packaging, like fresh produce. After the meal, compost your vegetable trimmings. Also, use recyclable foil for your leftovers instead of plastic. Lastly, use reusable dishes, cups and silverware.

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