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Things to consider when hiring a skip

If you are carrying out any sort of extensive house/garden clearance or renovation projects then the chances are you are going to need to hire a skip in order to dispose of the rubbish and waste you throw away. In so doing you’ll need to consider a few things in order to ensure you are hiring the right size and not going to waste money.

What size skip do I need?

Generally for domestic use there are 3 types of skip sizes available. The size of skip you’ll need will depend on the size and amount of rubbish you need to dispose of. As a rule of thumb it is best to hire a skip that is larger than you need otherwise you could be faced with the situation where you then need to hire a second skip to finish the job or have to make several journey’s to the local rubbish recycling centre. If you hire a skip that is to small for your needs, you also run the risk of overloading it which as well as being illegal, it also poses a safety issue.

Domestic users can choose from three skip sizes.

Mini Skip (2 Ton Skip)

A mini skip holds almost 2 cubic metres of waste which equates to around 2 tonnes in total weight when filled with soil or other heavy materials.

The mini skip will generally hold about 30-35 full bin bags and is most suitable for small DIY projects, garden, shed or room clearance jobs. If you need to dispose of large bulky items such as doors or furniture then a mini skip is most likely not going to be suitable.

Mini Skip Sizes

Height: 0.78m
Length: 1.83m
Width: 1.3m
Capacity: 1.5-2.3 Cu Metres

Midi Skip (4 Ton Skip)

The midi skip holds almost 4 cubic metres of waste or about 4 tonnes of heavy material in weight. This would equate to about 65-70 full bin bags and is suitable for larger DIY or garage clearance. As the midi skip is almost 7 feet long it is more suitable than the mini skip for holding larger items like doors and radiators.

Common uses for the midi skip include holding waste soil from digging out the footings for a small building project such as a conservatory or when replacing an old kitchen or bathroom.

Midi Skip Sizes

Height: 0.78m
Length: 2.26m
Width: 1.75m
Capacity: 3.2 Cu Metres

Maxi Skip (8 Ton Skip)

The largest skip which is suitable for domestic use is the maxi skip otherwise known as the builders skip. Due to its popularity with builders it has been the backbone of the skip hire industry due to its popularity with builders and the construction industry. The maxi skip holds 8 cubic metres of waste and is ideal for big items such as doors, radiators, three piece suites and all types of builders waste.

The maxi skip is often used for large clearance or excavation jobs such as when digging out the foundations for large extensions, major renovations or house clearance. The maxi skip has a drop down door to enable easy loading.

Maxi Skip Sizes

Height: 1.22m
Length: 3.66m
Width: 1.8m
Capacity: 8 Cu Metres

Do I need a skip hire permit?

It will depend on where you plan to position the skip which will dictate whether you need a permit or not. Your local council or skip hire company will be able to advise you on this.

Generally, if you are going to position the skip on the road then you will need a permit. However, if you plan to locate the skip on your driveway then you won’t as a driveway is viewed as private land. But if plan to place the skip on a grass verge in front of your house you may need to confirm that you actually own the land as it may not be classed as off road. Again your local skip hire company will be able to advise you on this.

Remember, when hiring a skip be sure you are ordering the correct size and consider where you plan to position it. Making the right decision will help to save you money.

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