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Recycling & Landfill Waste – What You Need To Do [Infographic]

Recycling is one of those subjects that has been central to the ‘zeitgeist’ of recent years – governments, organisations and pressure groups alike have been emphasising the importance of everyone recycling as much of their household waste as possible, with the UK government even spending millions on advertising campaigns to get the message across.

The fact is, recycling isn’t just some fad – it’s well-proven that people who fail to recycle are damaging the planet. For those in any lingering doubt, we have put together a helpful infographic, complete with five facts about the effects of landfill on the environment and what you can do to minimise the amount of waste that you throw out.


The five facts that ‘lay waste’ to previous delusions about landfill

The statistics about landfill in the UK are truly shocking, and show the urgency with which we should all be looking for better ways to deal with our waste.

Did you know, for example, that an incredible 100 million tonnes of waste are sent to landfill each year, and that landfills are responsible for almost a third of the UK’s methane gas emissions? Just one tonne of landfill waste, in fact, produces a whopping 200 cubic metres of methane gas.

With household waste increasing by an average of 3% every year, the need to adopt more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable waste practices has never been more pressing – and nor is it any means impossible for us to do so, given the 80% of landfill waste that could have been recycled.

Thankfully, there are many great ways to reduce waste

The good news is that you can play your part to introduce better recycling practices, as we have also detailed in the below infographic. These range from recycling your metals and reusing your bottles to planning your meals properly, reusing your plastic bags and composting.

Now, you might wonder why a skip hire company like ourselves would be so anxious to impress upon you the importance of recycling. After all, don’t skip hire firms just send your waste to those landfill sites that are doing so much to damage the environment?

Luckily, that’s not the case here at Able Skip Hire Ltd. Our professionals go to every length, in fact, to ensure that as much of your waste as possible – whether it be wood, garden waste, tree and hedge cuttings, soils, brick, metals or all manner of other waste – is recycled.

What makes us so different to other skip hire companies?

While our present aim is to recycle as much as 85% of the waste that we collect by weight, our long-term objective is to up that proportion to closer to 90-100%. The UK government has set out its own goal to almost completely phase out the use of landfill sites by 2020, and we are determined – in our own small way – to contribute to making that a reality.

With even the small amount of materials that we cannot recycle being sent to modern, eco-friendly Waste to Energy plants that produce the most usable resource of all – electricity – without releasing any harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, Able Skip Hire Ltd has an exceptional reputation for its own sustainable waste practices that do away with the need for landfill.

Five facts about the effects of landfill on the environment and what you can do to help

Recycling and White Infographic

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