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The pros and cons of skip versus tip

The task of getting rid of a large amount of waste is unquestionably an overwhelming one for many of us, although you are ultimately likely to find yourself considering one of two options: having your rubbish taken away in a skip or driving it to the tip.

Both are tempting options when it comes to disposing of waste, and both have their uses – so we thought that here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, we would consider their merits across a range of categories (in as unbiased a manner as we possibly can!).

The pros and cons of skip versus tip 1


Sorry to those of you who insist on driving to the tip with your waste rather than hiring a skip – the latter is definitely a more convenient option than the former.

After all, with the former, you’ve got all of those constant there-and-back trips to worry about, which can be expensive in both time and monetary terms when you consider the likes of fuel and loading times. By contrast, if you have a skip, once it has been delivered to you by the skip hire company, all that you have to do is load it and then allow that same company to take it away.

Type of waste

Although both options require you to carefully consider the exact type of waste that you need to dispose of – we offer different types of skip, for example, that are suitable for different waste varieties – driving your rubbish to the tip brings particular inconvenience to this process.

You may have especially dirty or dusty waste, for example, that ends up coating your car upholstery and causing permanent damage such as tears or holes in the seats. That doesn’t even consider the arduous task of fully cleaning out your car after each day spent driving back and forth between the tip, even if no long-lasting damage is caused.

Amount of waste

Admittedly, if you have only a few bags of waste that could easily fit into a car boot, a drive to the tip begins to make a lot more financial sense – however, once you find that multiple trips are necessary, the opposite increasingly applies.

Multiple trips to the tip can be especially expensive and time-consuming, given not only the fuel costs but also the loading and unloading times and the potential need to wait in a queue each time if the tip is especially busy. You should also consider the distance that you need to travel to the tip and the amount of mess or damage likely to be left in your vehicle once your day’s work is done.

Skip placement

Some people presume that hiring a skip is a bad idea because they aren’t allowed to leave the skip on their road, but that’s not actually true – you can place the skip on the road or pavement outside your property, as long as you have a highways permit from your local council.

All in all, while we don’t pretend that skip hire is necessarily always the cheapest option (although you may be surprised by the wide range of circumstances in which it is!), it certainly – in our humble opinion – wins out for sheer convenience!

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