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Garden maintenance tips should you follow in September?

With the great British summer having officially come to an end and your holidays possibly over and done with for another year, you may be spending a lot of time glancing outside your house window at a less-than-perfect garden, and contemplating what you could do to spruce it up a little.

Some of the below tips are specific to September and autumn, while others may be equally applicable right through the year. Regardless, by following them, you can help to ensure your garden remains in great shape during this cooler and gustier season.

Moderate your mowing

Mowing your lawn may still be important during September, but it should be done less frequently at this time of year, and with a raised height of cut compared to the summer months.

This is due to the slower rate at which grass typically grows during the autumn, with such moderate mowing helping your lawn to withstand the last of the year’s warm and dry weather, while also keeping it resistant to treading as conditions become wetter.

Clean, oil and pack away your garden furniture

As much as you might hope for the notoriously hot conditions that we have seen during much of this year to last a little longer, it’s probably best to come to terms with the end of the summer – and the improbability of you making much use of your wooden garden furniture for the rest of the year – by packing it away.

We do, though, suggest that you first clean and oil your garden furniture with clear Danish oil. This will be instrumental in extending its longevity, with the oil given ample time to sink into the wood, thereby maximising its preservative qualities.

Don’t feed shady areas as much as those exposed to the sun

The autumn can be a little unpredictable as far as sun levels are concerned, so it is at this time of year that you may take particular notice of areas of shade on your lawn where the grass appears to be struggling.

What you shouldn’t do, however, is over-apply water and fertiliser to such areas in a bid to ‘revive’ them; indeed, this can simply make the grass deteriorate still further. The parts of a lawn in the shade don’t need as much water as the parts in the sun, given that water evaporates more slowly in the former areas than it does in the latter.

Plant new flowerbeds

There’s definitely an art, as well as a science, to keeping your garden colourful and healthy-looking right through the year. One great strategy is to maintain a habit of continually planting new shrubs, choosing colours that complement each other and trying out plants that you’re unfamiliar with.

Such experimentation does also bring with it the need to pay close attention to the guidelines on the packaging, so that you can be sure how long the plants you choose are likely to survive.

Hire a skip for your next garden clearance or landscaping project

If you’re especially ambitious as to what you wish to achieve with your garden this month, there may be a lot of waste generated for which you could ideally do with a skip, not least so that you can be sure of your garden looking smart and tidy again for the spring and summer.

Our experts here at Able Skip Hire Ltd can provide a skip in any of a range of sizes for your garden landscaping or clearance job. Bear in mind, however, that if you are unable to keep the skip on your private land, you will require a permit, as we can obtain on your behalf when you hire a skip from us.

When it comes to all things skip hire for both domestic and commercial purposes, don’t hesitate to call our team today, on 08000 377057.

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