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Fly tipping and why it’s such a bad idea

As a council tax payer, you will benefit from free rubbish collection and recycling services. However, whatever the exact level of service that your own local authority provides – and it does differ from one to the other – there may be times when your rubbish exceeds your allowance, or you may have especially bulky items that you are unable to dispose of in the usual way.

So, what to do instead? The sensible thing is to get in touch with a waste management company, recycling or refuse centre or skip hire specialist like ourselves here at Able Skip Hire, so that you can get rid of that awkward rubbish in the most efficient, ethical and safe manner.

Sadly, however, there are a few who instead choose to dump their waste illegally – a practice known as fly tipping.

Fly tipping is a false economy – for both others and you

The statistics demonstrate just how big an issue fly tipping remains for local councils, apparently occurring every 30 seconds in England alone, and costing authorities about £4 million every month to deal with it. In an age of ever-greater financial pressure on council services, just imagine all of the better things that such wasted money could be used for.

This brings us onto the first terrible thing about fly tipping – it doesn’t even save you any money. All of those costs of clearing up your illegally dumped waste have to be paid for somehow, and inevitably, it’ll be you footing the bill through your council tax. So, why not just go the legitimate route in the first place?

That’s not the only financial damage caused by fly tipping. All of that illegally dumped waste has an awful effect on the impression given of your area, dragging down nearby house prices – including your own. Oh, and because fly tipping is illegal, if you get caught, you could be hit with a fine and even a prison sentence, costing you not only money, but also your freedom.

But the detrimental effects aren’t just financial

Even worse than the financial ill-effects of fly tipping, however, are the physical effects that it has on an area and its human and non-human population. Just think of some of the toxic substances that a lot of household goods can contain, which could kill a wild animal or child if they are ingested.

Then, there’s plastic, which has long been a notorious strangulation danger, and the potential for children to become trapped in old fridges – hence why those disposing them are widely advised to remove the doors first.

The adverse health impact of fly tipping is hardly restricted to the occasional animal or child that may directly encounter it. Toxic substances can sink into the earth and prevent the growth of fresh greenery, and if such toxins get into nearby plants, an even wider range of insects and creatures could be exposed to them.

All of those bags of rotting food could also attract less desirable, difficult-to-get-rid-of creatures like flies and rats, the latter potentially bringing further disease. Illegal waste sites are a popular target for arson as well, putting the safety of you, your family and your home at further risk.

In summary… don’t fly tip!

As the above should make clear, the illegal dumping of waste is a thoroughly bad idea. It costs you in the pocket, it could land you behind bars and it makes your neighbourhood a much less desirable, healthy and safe place to live.

When you are next tempted to fly tip, you should therefore make sure that you explore the many alternative options for more safely and morally disposing of your waste, such as hiring a skip from ourselves here at Able Skip Hire. Fly tipping just isn’t worth the risk!

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