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Five Ways to Recycle Things in Your Garden

With the summer in full swing a lot of people are able to spend more time enjoying their garden and maintaining it. For the Eco-conscious amongst us there are many ways in which you can reuse household and garden waste to help do your bit for the environment and make your garden more Eco-friendly.


Make Your Own Compost

Any good gardener will tell you compost is the best way to introduce fresh amounts of nutrients into the soil which aids plants and vegetable growth. Buying it from new can become expensive especially when you can make it yourself from the organic garden waste you already throw away.

Have a designated compost bin at the bottom of your garden and regularly top it up with grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, plant waste and newspaper. Be sure to keep it moist and ventilated and in time you will have your own supply of compost to introduce back into your garden.

Reuse dirty water

If you keep fish, instead of throwing the dirty water away when cleaning out the fish tank consider reusing it to water your garden plants. This water will be full of nutrients which your plants will love. The silt left behind can be composted to help further enrich your soil.

Kill Weeds Naturally

Instead of using chemicals to kill off your weeds on the patio, consider using the boiling water from the pans you use to boil your vegetables in. Weeds don’t like scalding hot water and it’s guaranteed to kill off even the hardiest of weeds.

Clear Non Recyclable Waste

Every once in a while it’s good to have a good old spring clean of the rubbish and waste in your garden and shed. Often this will involve bulky items which aren’t as easily useable. To effectively clear this waste your only option will be to pay a visit to your local recycling centre or hire a skip from a reputable skip hire company who can collect, sort and recycle the waste for you.

Reuse Old Tyres

Rubber tyres are difficult to recycle and not very environmentally friendly. However if you stack them on top of each other they can make excellent plant containers which could be set into a rockery and other landscaping feature.

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