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The best ways to de-clutter your house after Christmas and New Year

Now that all of the seasonal excitement has died down, the likelihood is that you will be in a less-than-tidy house, wondering just how you can de-clutter your humble abode for the 12 months ahead.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for ensuring your first big tidy-up of 2017 is a relatively simple, productive and fuss-free one.

The best ways to de-clutter your house after Christmas and New Year 1

Plan your approach

Part of the whole point of tidying up is to reintroduce some order into your home, so it makes sense to take a similarly orderly approach to the tidying up itself.

You might put together an action plan for tackling one room at a time, rating each room from 1 to 10 based on how cluttered it is, and focusing on the rooms that most urgently need to be tidied first. Indeed, you may also have a priority list for the areas within each room to be tidied.

Follow the ‘get one, toss two’ rule

If you need to store away Christmas presents that are still taking up floor space in your living room, this simple rule will help to ensure you free up enough space for them – as well as for the other possessions you will undoubtedly accumulate over the year ahead.

As the term suggests, the rule is to get rid of two items in your house for every one gift you received for Christmas. You might choose to do this by product category – for example, if you got two DVDs as presents, disposing of four of your old DVDs that you never watch.

Arrange to ‘regift’ unwanted presents next year

While we all know it’s the thought that counts when it comes to presents, there are certain gifts that you are especially unlikely to ever want to use – such as that cooking utensil set you received from someone else last year, or the autobiography of that celebrity you hate…

Well, why not put those items to one side to gift them to someone else next year, saving some Christmas 2017 expenditure in the process? Just be sure to label those gifts with details of who gave them to you, so that you don’t forgetfully give the item straight back to the same person.

Ask yourself whether you need, use or like it

Effective post-Christmas tidying requires that you be ruthless, but there’s sometimes a grey zone between the strictly necessary and the firmly unwanted.

So for each item, consider whether you need, use or like it. If you merely like the item but don’t use or even need it, you might be better off just taking a photo for memory’s sake and getting rid of it, rather than keeping it in your cupboard taking up vitally needed space.

Hire a skip – but be careful what you put in it

If you want to achieve maximum productivity with your de-cluttering mission, hire a skip. Its daunting size will motivate you to be ruthless so that you can quickly fill it up to the brim.

You’ll probably be surprised by just how soon the skip fills up – but before you start, make sure you’re allowed to place the items in there that you have in mind.

There are certain things that you aren’t allowed to put in a skip, so if you’re considering our own service here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, it’s a good idea to first contact us to ensure a skip is the right solution for your New Year de-cluttering requirements. Happy tidying!

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