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5 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Waste

The build up to the festive season is well underway. The shops are busy with people, decorations are being hung, the big day food list is being planned out. With all this over indulgence it is no surprise that the christmas holiday season creates a staggering amount of waste.

It has been reported that the UK will work its way through 2 million turkeys, 5 million Christmas puddings and 74 million mince pies, most of which will be thrown away. When it comes to wrapping paper the stats don’t diminish as the UK will throw away 227,00 miles of Christmas paper. That is enough paper to go around the world nine times.


With so much waste being thrown away it is important to be environmentally conscious and think about ways to recycle our christmas waste, so here are five christmas recycling tips.

Christmas cards and wrapping paper

Christmas cards and wrapping paper are probably one of the biggest waste by-products during the holiday season. These can be recycled by putting them into your paper recycling bins ready for collection by your local council. When buying wrapping paper try to avoid the metallic papers as this cannot be as easily recycled. If you may also want to consider using this years christmas cards to make your own gift tags for next year or cutting them up for make festive themed bookmarks.

Sweet tins, foil and plastics

Metallic tins, foil and plastics can also be separated out into your blue bin ready for collection. These types of materials can readily be broken down and recycled for a variety of other applications.


If you are one of those people who opt for a real Christmas tree rather than an artificial one then once the decorations are down and life returns to normal you will be left with the task of disposing of it. There are a number of ways to do this. Many people cut the trees up and place them in the brown bin collection. Others will opt to take the tree to the local household waste and recycling centre. From here the trees will be broken down with other green waste and made into compost.

Food leftovers

Separating out your festive food waste will mean it can be placed into the brown bin with other green waste (such as your tree). This can then be collected by your local council. If you have a compost bin you may want to consider throwing your vegetable peelings into it in order to reuse the resulting compost later in the year when the warmer weather arrives.

Batteries and old electrical items

With the arrival of brand new electrical toys and gadgets there will undoubtedly be old, unwanted electrical items or dead batteries to be thrown away. These can be recycled at your local household waste and recycling centre. Batteries will need to be disposed of properly. If possible, consider using rechargeable batteries to cut down on the number of batteries you dispose of.

With so much waste being generated at this time of year it is important that we all do our bit for the environment. The above, common sense recycling tips should help you do your little bit but getting into the habit of separating out waste materials before you thrown them away will help.

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