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7 Easy-to-Follow Autumn Recycling Tips

Don’t let spring cleaning get all the glory – an autumn overhaul has its perks, too, mainly because you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors over the next few months. Recycling is about more than just tossing plastic containers into the right bin. Find new and unique ways to use up the things you would otherwise throw out. Follow these autumn recycling tips, which range from easy DIY projects to long-term goals like improving the health of your garden.

Start a compost pile

The change in season can bring garden transformations that lead to extra waste. Instead of throwing leaves, plants and rotting veggies in the dustbin, turn it into compost, a nutrient-rich soil enhancer that will be ready in approximately 18 months. Invest in a compost bin, fill the bottom 30 centimeters with woody material to help with air circulation, and add leaves and other compost on top. Toss your coffee grounds on the pile, too.

Mulch your leaves

Mulch keeps moisture near the roots of plants, helping your garden and greenery to grow healthy and beautiful. While you can simply rake leaves from the grass onto the flower beds, it’s better to first chop them up with the mower. When the temperature drops, put some mulch around the bottom of your trees and shrubs to insulate them from freeze damage; store the rest for springtime. Have more than enough mulch for your own garden? Give some to your neighbour.

Whip up something delicious

The end of the season can mean having more vegetables than you know what to do with. Roast pumpkin seeds instead of tossing them and turn your leftover squash into soup or vegetarian lasagna. Store everything else in your freezer until you’re ready to do some more cooking.

Decorate for the season

Challenge yourself to make a 100% recycled decorations. For example, you can bend a wire hanger into a circle and attach leaves, twigs and branches to make an autumn wreath, or fill clear vases with pine cones to use as table centerpieces.

Prepare your car for winter and recycle the waste

During your pre-winter car maintenance, you may replace your battery or get rid of old tyres at nearby recycling facilities, which take a host of salvageable materials.

Shop for recycled gear and materials

When purchasing this year’s cold weather gear, look for clothing, blankets and shovels made from recycled materials. Doing a few home repairs before the first snowfall? Opt for roofing made from up-cycled plastic or rubber to replace tiles or repair cracks. You can also find recycled insulation made from glass or paper.

Clean out your cupboards

Switching your cupboards over to autumn clothes? Weed through your belongings and purge what you no longer want. Swap clothes with friends or donate unwanted pieces to a charity. Some organizations will even take worn-out items and send them to people in dire need.

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