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6 Ways to Dispose of Garden Fence Paneling

With the sunny, summer days that the uk has been experiencing over recent weeks many people are turning their attentions to the outside jobs that need completing in their gardens. Often these tasks involve garden clearance or landscaping. Often, as a result of such clearance jobs, you can end up with a lot of large and bulky materials which can be problematic to dispose of. One such item that often needs disposing of can be fence paneling.


Here I’ll outline some different ways in which fence paneling can be disposed of.

1. Take them to your locally recycling centre

The first option for most people looking to dispose of unwanted fence paneling is to take them to their local recycling centre. One of your main issues here is going to be the transportation of the fence panels. A large car or van will be needed. If using a van it is advisable to check with your recycling centre first as some do not allow commercial vans on site or may charge such vehicles an entrance fee.

2. Hire a skip

The next logical option is to hire a skip. This option would remove the problem of transporting the fence paneling but for small clearance jobs it could provide a costly option.

3. Contact your council

Often your local council may provide a pick up clearance service as part of their recycling initiatives. This is most likely to vary from council to council so it is advisable to check with your local authority for more details first.

4. Burn it

Many people looking to dispose of fence paneling opt to burn the wood in their garden. This option is not recommended as treated wood can give off toxic fumes. Care also needs to be taken to ensure there is no risk of fire spreading and endangering others.

5. Wheelie Bin

Some people opt to use their recycling wheelie bin to dispose of fence paneling. Care needs to be taken as treated wood cannot go into the recycling bin although natural or untreated wood can. You also need to take care not to overfill the bin otherwise the collection maybe refused. Disposing of fence paneling in this way can be a time consuming task. It is advisable to check with your local refuse collection provider to make sure you are allowed to do so.

6. Use Freecycle

One useful online resource that may be able to help with the disposable of bulky fence paneling is This website allows people to advertise their recyclable stuff online. The service is free to use and a very handy resource.

These are just a few options open to you. Deciding on the best option that best meets your needs will depend on the size of your clearance project and the services your local authority provides.

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