It has been brought to our attention that one of our esteemed local competitors has been making thinly veiled attempts to portray our skips and services as inferior to their own. Whilst we acknowledge that not all skips are of an identical sizes and shape, we would also like to point out that neither are all skips the same price.

To claim that our 8 ton Builders skips are 6cyd skips is wholly inaccurate. The dimensions of our skips are clearly stated on our website and the cubic capacity of these skips is over 8cyd (NB. This is allowing for material placed above the fill line up to a quantity which matches the loss of capacity due to the tapered ends of the skip (approx 1.3cyds)) this has always been recognized as the standard method of skip capacity measurement.

So it is fantasy if another skip hire company claims their builders skips are 25% larger than our own.

One statistic that cannot be distorted however, is the issue of price. As of today’s date I can confirm that our builders skips are 20% cheaper than our esteemed competitor. Once you also consider the fact that we are the only company in the area that guarantee your 8 ton builders skip will be supplied with an easy-load access door/ramp, and that we have the largest and most modern fleet of telescopic chain lift skip-loaders in the local area, and don’t forget we offer discounts for clean segregated material such as soil or brick – so if you are looking for ‘more skip for your money’ then there really is no other common sense alternative to hiring a skip from ABLE SKIP HIRE LTD.