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Changes to Skip Hire Costs

The recycling industry is continually developing, evolving and changing especially with the introduction of any new government and environmental legislation and new trends in recycling methods.

Following a review, Able Skips has been forced to introduce an additional skip hire option and made adjustments to the associated costs. Customers will now notice when ordering a skip that there are two available options for each skip size, Inert Waste and Mixed Waste. While the cost of a mixed waste skip has increased we have reduced the cost of our Inert Waste skips.

The reasons behind these changes

In the 1990’s the government brought in the Landfill Tax which has increased over the years and has now effectively led to all the landfill sites closing down because they are no longer economically viable.

While there is nothing wrong with this in principal (as landfill isn’t really a good thing for the environment and is also a terrible waste of resources) there were supposed to be alternatives to landfill developed, such as waste to energy plants and other recycling initiatives. However, the private sector has not invested in these enough and the UK are now left with an insufficient infrastructure to deal with the waste we produce on a daily basis.

Consequently this has had a direct effect on the costs incurred by Able Skips as we have had to find alternative disposal routes and suppliers due to the closure of existing avenues.

Able Skips are more than just a skip hire company and our work doesn’t stop once we have collected a skip as our aim is to recycle as much of the waste that we collect from our domestic and commercial customers. However, recently we have been forced to review our skip hire prices due to the increased costs levied on us as a result of the changes being experienced in the recycling industry.

The difference between inert and mixed waste

As a result customers will notice that when ordering a skip, the cost will be based on the type of waste being disposed of. There are two types, mixed waste and inert waste. This has caused some confusion.

Inert waste is classed as soil, sand, turf, rubble, brick, natural rock, concrete, gravel, ceramic tiles or slate. Plaster and plasterboard are not classed as inert waste, it is classed as mixed waste. The skip hire costs for inert waste have been reduced.

Mixed waste is classed as everything else that doesn’t fall into the category of soil, brick, stone or hardcore materials.

We hope our customers will understand these changes as they are not only affecting companies like Able Skips, but are also impacting other organisations such as local councils and the services they provide at household waste centres and our weekly bin collections.

Let’s hope that some of the planned facilities aimed at handling the waste we produce will start to come online in the near future and start to being the costs down for the recycling services we rely on.

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