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How to create a better Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP)

We have written previously on the subject of Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, covering such matters as what they actually are, who is responsible for one and why you may find one invaluable for your UK construction project, despite them having ceased to be a legal obligation in 2013. But how can you ensure that yours delivers the best possible results?


Here are some of useful tips and word of advice.

Think sustainability, not just waste management

Sustainability has never been more important than it is now, for all manner of reasons – not least the increasing expectations of many in the wider world that a business should be socially responsible. Indeed, the whole purpose of the SWMP regulations when they were set up in 2008 was to minimise the amount of construction waste disposed of via landfill, rather than through more sustainable methods.

This is why, here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, we take great pride in recycling as much of your waste as possible when you hire a skip with us. But it is also why you should think carefully about such elements of the waste management process as prevention, reuse, source separation, collection, recycling, treatment and disposal, to ensure that you are making the right decisions at every stage.

Remember that planning is a process, rather than event

Ensuring the optimum performance of your SWMP is about so much more than one-off actions. Devising such a plan for your firm’s next construction project should involve creating a framework by which you can better identify not only your starting point – where you are now – but also your objective, which is what you want your plan to ultimately achieve.

In addition, your SWMP should make clear how you will actually reach that objective, and finally how to recognise that progress – what needs to be measured to show that your plan has made a difference? By evaluating your plan’s performance in meeting its stated objectives and taking the findings forward into future planning cycles, you can better ensure that all of your SWMPs deliver the best possible results, time after time.

Don’t allow your waste to merely take the ‘scenic route’ to landfill

All too often, resource management and recycling programs simply result in the given waste taking a less direct route to landfill – for example, by passing it onto manufacturers that then landfill certain materials on the basis that they are unusable.

You should therefore take the time to ascertain exactly where the materials sorted under your waste management plan are ultimately going, to make sure that the proportion of waste ending up in landfill is not stubbornly high. You should also know the exact proportion of the materials used in your construction project that can actually be recycled.

When you are devising and implementing a Site Waste Management Plan, you should pay close attention to all parts of the cycle, rather than merely collection. Ultimately, you should be aiming to maximise the amount of recyclable material used in your projects.

For the utmost peace of mind when your firm requires commercial skip hire services, including to request our assistance in creating an SWMP for your own construction project, simply contact our friendly and professional team here at Able Skip Hire Ltd today.

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