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How to Reduce Your Commercial Waste Costs

Waste isn’t a mere inconvenience for a business, or something that the company has to manage. That’s because when your firm reduces its waste, its efficiency, reputation and bottom line can also all improve in the process – and vice versa.

While there are certain sectors – such as catering and retail – that are associated with greater waste than others, every firm has a moral, financial and regulatory obligation to do everything it can to reduce its waste costs. Some of the best ways of doing so are below.

Undertake a waste assessment

It’s important to accurately track how much waste your organisation produces. However, it is a waste assessment that will most help you to determine exactly what materials your firm’s waste is made up of, as well as what parts of your business the waste is coming from.

Knowing these aspects of your own firm’s waste production will enable your team to devise a tailored waste reduction plan. Such an audit will make it easy to identify potential ‘quick wins’ – for example, the improvement of your company’s recycling bins and signage so that staff don’t end up throwing away recyclable items in the general waste.

Outline best practice

Establishing a set of best practice activities will allow your staff to handle waste more efficiently and effectively, which will ensure your firm generates less waste to begin with.

Do your employees know how products can be reused, how to appropriately dispose of waste items and how to reduce waste in the first place? For instance, are you doing everything possible in your firm to ensure any materials that cannot be reused or donated are recycled?

You are likely to put together the most effective long-term waste reduction program when you involve everyone within your organisation in the process, regardless of seniority or department.

Donate your waste

Are there charities or local community recycling schemes that would be appreciative of your company’s waste? If your business is in catering or retail, the amount of food waste you produce could easily equate to multiple large bins each day.

But if you establish ongoing arrangements with a charity or trust that specifically seeks regular food donations, your business could look forward to not only reduced waste costs, but also a better reputation in the local area, in part due to its environmental friendliness.

Recycle your waste

It should be a priority of every 21st-century business to implement an effective recycling scheme. When there are easy-to-find recycling points around your premises and employees are fully informed about the benefits of recycling, your firm is likely to greatly reduce the amount of general waste it has to dispose of. This means it won’t have to pay as much for disposal or collection, either.

Sign up for a trade account

If your business generates enough waste to be able to make good use of a skip, you might wish to consider registering for Trade Account Facilities with ourselves here at Able Skip Hire Ltd.

We serve everyone from the self-employed to local authorities and large multinationals with this service. In addition, we are pleased to offer a wide range of skips for your needs, including such options as the mini skip, midi skip, maxi skip and 16yd open and enclosed skips.

Give the Able Skip Hire Ltd team a call now, on 08000 377057, to find out how we could be instrumental in reducing your Lancashire firm’s waste costs.



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