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The consequences of having a poor waste management plan

Hiring a skip isn’t just something that you should do to get your rubbish ‘out of the way’; indeed, poor waste management in general can have terrible consequences. Below are some of those that you should be aware of, whether you are a householder or business owner.

It simply looks and smells terrible

Who wants to see rubbish piled up everywhere? Not only is it an ugly sight that can have a broader effect on your local community and economy by causing people to stay away for as long as the problem persists, but it also often stinks, especially on warm summer days.

Remember that it tends to be the visual aspect of poor waste management that has the greatest effect on the reputation of your household, business or local area. Furthermore, once you gain a reputation for not dealing with your rubbish appropriately, it can take a while – and a lot of effort – to reverse it.

Risks to human health

Rubbish has long been known to attract all manner of undesirable creatures, ranging from flies and rats to cockroaches and mosquitoes, which in turn, can act as carriers for such diseases as dengue fever, malaria, hepatitis and typhus.

Rats alone can bring the risk of Salmonellosis and Weil’s disease, while even the invisible germs hidden away in your piles of rubbish could cause conditions including scabies, cholera, tetanus and other skin and eye infections.

E-waste – a term for old electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones – has become an especially prominent waste management problem in recent years. The toxins that they contain such as heavy metals and chemicals like cadmium, beryllium and mercury has been associated with impaired mental development and damage to the liver and kidneys in sufficient quantities.

Risks to animal health

It isn’t just humans whose health can suffer as a result of inadequately managed waste, with the RSPCA having said it receives an average of 14 calls a day about animals being caught or injured by litter.

Always remember that wild animals can be cut, choked or suffocated by items that haven’t been disposed of properly, such as balloons, tin cans, glass jars and plastic bags.

Fire could break out

Just think of how much of the waste you do or don’t dispose of is flammable: wood, flyers, packaging, wrappers, newspapers, insulation materials…

Car tyres can cause especially large fires, and it doesn’t help that they are made from dangerous chemicals that are released into the atmosphere when they are burned. It should be no surprise, then, that the storage of tyres is so stringently regulated.

Damage to the environment

Some of the adverse environmental effects of poor waste management are better known than others. You will probably already be aware of the extremely long-term impact that non-biodegradable items, such as plastic carrier bags, can have on our planet, given that some of them can take hundreds or even thousands of years to decay.

However, there are less obvious, but no less detrimental environmental effects that badly-managed waste can have, such as how rubbish piles can block waterways and drainage systems, creating stagnant pools of water in which various unwanted critters may breed. Local soil and water supplies can also be infected by leftover waste, with obvious implications for human health.

As waste decomposes, it can also produce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing to global climate change, with methane being the most significant one.

How can you minimise such risks?

By far the best and simplest way to reduce or eliminate such dangers as those above is to not produce as much in the first place. However, we also realise that not everything can be easily recycled or reused, and that a certain amount of waste of inevitable.

This is where we can play an instrumental role here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, providing you with the skip hire service that will help you to swiftly, safely, responsibly and cost-effectively manage your waste.

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