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5 of the Best Construction Waste Management & Disposal Tips

It can be easy to forget just how vital it is to manage and dispose of construction waste effectively. Indeed, with a whopping 400 million tonnes of building materials being delivered to site each year – according to the UK Green Building Council – it really is a matter of great importance.

Here are some of the most proven construction waste management and disposal tips.

1. Do your research in good time

Over ordering is to blame for an incredible 60 million tonnes of building materials being sent straight to tips every year. If you are to reduce waste, it is therefore vital to accurately calculate the quantity of materials that you will require in advance.

2. Hire your skip from a reputable company

While there may be dirt-cheap companies giving you the opportunity to hire a skip, this can be a false economy if, for example, they can’t provide you with the most appropriate skip for your needs or are unable to answer your most specialised queries in relation to construction waste disposal.

Here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, we enjoy an exceptional reputation throughout the Lancashire area built up over several decades of operation, and can offer various options for commercial skips.

3. Reuse and recycle

Recycling your waste and reusing your materials to the greatest extent possible will help you to save money. The lower amount of energy needed to create recycled materials compared to the ‘virgin sourced’ alternatives makes them cheaper, so by both recycling your construction waste and using recycled construction materials in the first place, you are contributing to a virtuous cycle in both your current and future construction projects.

Making the most of the materials that you already have will also aid your quest to save money on your projects, while having a positive impact on the environment.

4. Store your materials efficiently

Far too many construction sites are characterised by haphazardly stored bricks, blocks, timber and plasterboard, or pallets of bricks and blocks that have been allowed to slip and break. Cracks and other damage can be caused to plasterboards by mishandling, while it’s also often all too easy for site vehicles to drive over timber lengths that have been left on the ground.

All of these risks are why it is such a good idea to minimise the likelihood of your costly materials being damaged or misused by creating a dedicated and flat level storage area for palletised stock, as well as an off-ground covered area for plasterboard, timber and other materials.

5. Keep your site tidy

Simply sweeping the floor regularly and ensuring a good all-round level of tidiness at your construction site can help to minimise your costs.

It will certainly enable workers to more easily move around your site and avoid hazards. Remember that any accident that occurs on your construction site can physically harm your staff, slow down production and bite into your budget.

Don’t allow worries about the cost-effective and efficient disposal of your construction site waste to distract you from ensuring the utmost success of your next project. Here at Able Skip Hire Ltd, we can provide the skips that will enable you to deal with the waste from your construction site at little expense and with the minimum of fuss.

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